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Ground Spiders on Gen2 FJR's

Tech section strictly for the FJR. Everything from oil changes & suspension setup's to removing sheep hair from hard to reach places on the bike so that your wife never finds out.
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Re: Ground Spiders on Gen2 FJR's

Post by ice_station_zebra »

rbentnail wrote: Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:15 pm Yes, those are S1, 2 &3.

other locations pictured here -> ... s.pdf?dl=0

My S4 experience -> ... roost.html
Found and checked #6 and will 7&8 soon. So far so good!
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Re: Ground Spiders on Gen2 FJR's

Post by YummYam »

Also check out the connectors on the rhs behind the turn indicator. Engine died on me while out riding and eventually a hard slap on the plastic there restored life. Subsequently opened and greased all in that area.
ice_station_zebra loved this
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Re: Ground Spiders on Gen2 FJR's

Post by rbentnail »

And there's two important connectors by S6, did you check those?
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