battery access?

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battery access?

Post by Red »

Thought I had a link to almost anything relating to FJR tech, but links do die, now and then. Even a hard drive can die.

I need to replace the Gen2 FJR battery. FSM in really vague, on what you need to do.

Anybody got a good link for how-to replace the Gen2 battery?
I am finding everything from "first, jack up the bike" to helpful guys who just did it, but won't say how.
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Re: battery access?

Post by wheatonFJR »

Not ever having a Gen 2, I can't visualize what the steps would be. However, both Gen 1s and 3s have had the battery in the front right of the bike. Therefore you have to take the plastic off in that area to get it out or get access to it.
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Re: battery access?

Post by raYzerman »

The battery panel on a Gen2 is easy... two screws with your 4mm hex and one push pin on the inner panel... lift up slide back and out.
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Re: battery access?

Post by rbentnail »

raYzerman wrote: Tue May 19, 2020 8:38 pm The battery panel on a Gen2 is easy... two screws with your 4mm hex and one push pin on the inner panel... lift up slide back and out.
I just did this a couple weeks ago. 1st part is as ray says. But I found it impossible to get the battery out without removing the vertical dash panel. Digital pictures for cable and accessory routing BEFORE disassembly. For installation, sometimes a squishy earplug is needed under the battery connector nut to hold it up from underneath.

Download the 2007 owners manual. It has good pictures of panel removal. ... l.pdf?dl=0
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