K&P Engineering Stainless Mesh Oil Filter

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Re: K&P Engineering Stainless Mesh Oil Filter

Post by Allen_C » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:54 pm

To answer John's question and confirm what Cav said, yes I've been using this same one for over 4 years. I chose to do so mostly for the looks but also for consistency in oil filtration and ease of removal with the built in nut.

My local Walmart, though large would sometimes not have a good selection of correct oil filters and the ones they carried were similarly priced to the auto parts stores at about $6-8 each. A can of brake clean is about $3.50 and I get two applications per can. The cost break even point is way out there, somewhere around 30 oil changes. But even at 15 changes, I'm half way there and I'm willing to spend $50-60 (mine only cost $110) for something that looked cool.

As for the magnet, it collects a fair another of metal. The approximate 0.3" diameter magnet is completely covered with dust. Also, I've never had any tranny or gear slippage as presumed, even after over 60k miles.

If someone asks me about the stainless steel filter, I recommend it for ease, simplicity and reported high performance, assuming they are ok with the high initial cost.
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Re: K&P Engineering Stainless Mesh Oil Filter

Post by Boston » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:49 pm

I have had one on my Roadstar for about 50k mi. and never looked back.
Sucking oil through or pushing oil through paper is really hard on the oil pump.
i have one for the FJ When i'm done with decarboning from thr PO.

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Re: K&P Engineering Stainless Mesh Oil Filter

Post by DesertFJr » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:06 pm

Using one since I bought my 05 Cobalt Cooker. I have a gallon bucket of parts cleaner in the garage. Drop it in when I start the oil change process. Pull it out, rinse in the sink and blow off with 115psi air. Pop it back in when ready. Paid for itself in 6 oil changes over the factory filter.

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